Coronavirus / Health Emergency

Dear Parents / Guardians!  Due to the present prevailing health emergency, because of Coronavirus and in pursuance of the decision taken by KP GOVT, KSKCCS will remain close for 15 days. The Annual Exam of class 8th has also been postponed. Furthermore, the KP Government has postponed the SSC Exam till next order.


You are requested to ensure preparation of your son for the concerned Exam at your homes. The new dates and schedules shall also be intimated to you as the College opens.

Academic Instructions for Cadets

      1. Solve and memorize 5 years previous Board papers of each subject and submit them to subject teacher upon your arrival to the College.
  1. Solve Textbook MCQS and Short Questions of each Subject.
  2. In case of any query or problem, contact your subject teacher.
  3. Revision tests should be conducted for Class 11th and 12th as the College re-opens.
  4. HMs will remain in contact with your parents for updates on preps of Cadets.    

Instructions for Corona virus prevention 


  1.  Frequent hand wash with soap for 20mins or use alcohol-based sanitizer.
  2. Wash hands before and after preparing food or use of
  3. Wear face mask when traveling or attending a
  4. If you find symptoms of flu, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath so immediately consult your doctor for advice.


Important Prayers



وبائي امراض اور تعليمات نبوي-1

وبائي امراض اور تعليمات نبوي-2

وبائي امراض اور تعليمات نبوي-3

وبائي امراض اور تعليمات نبوي-4

وبائي امراض اور تعليمات نبوي-5