Daily Routine

In Cadet Colleges Daily Routine plays an important role in the best utilization of the available time of a day. It is prepared to ensure adequate time allocation for all the activities of the day. It not only makes the life target oriented but also makes the Cadets to remain alert all the day.
The daily routine may be adjusted and refined by the publication of the CCM daily order and weekly training schedule. Only Principal in coordination with his staff may make changes and modifications to the daily routine.
The routine for each day will be carried out as specified in this section. Breakfast will follow the morning physical fitness / Military training. The following abbreviations apply in the schedules:
1. Night Preps will be off on every Saturday.
2. On Fridays and Sundays both preps will be observed.
3. On Fridays, classes will be conducted upto 5th Period. 5th Period will be conducted for Speech Training. Lunch will be served at 1250 hrs.
4. House Masters will ensure all activities of their respective houses.
5. Walking out dress will be worn for outing.
6. On Sundays, breakfast will be served at 0900 hrs
7. Telephone calls can be received on Sundays from 1000 hrs – 1800 hrs.
8. Night Muster will be House wise / Room wise, HMs, AHMs and HAs will supervise the night Muster of their respective houses.